Friday, 22 June 2012

Preacher says beg mercy

Tim Bradstreet

Preacher says beg mercy
Church says I'll never learn
I can't ask forgiveness for what they both deserve
I got two days to live, and forever to burn
-Forever to Burn
Pine Valley Cosmonauts 

A while ago I posted about Dan Dos Santos, one of my favourite artists, and I thought it was time to make another art-related post, this time about Tim Bradstreet. 

Tim is another one of my favourite artists, I particularly love his Hellblazer covers, I just wish the inside artwork was anywhere near the same quality. I could never paint in this much detail, just the idea makes me cringe, but I love it. 

Below is something that I found during my trolling of Google that I thought was soopa doopa cool - a kind of Bradstreet step-by-step. 

Something I really admire about Tim's work is his use of black ink, which makes everything so bold and highly defined (I was always told in art school not to use black, which, even though it's crap, has always stuck with me). I really love the layout of this painting - the ripped paper, the flames, the emotion in Constantine's stance even though you can't see his face; love, love, love it.

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